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Join us in revolutionizing energy with a fully integrated home energy infrastructure (solar, batteries & more!) to create affordable, resilient, clean energy communities working in partnership with the electric grid.

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A Shifting Paradigm

Energy is complex and the current paradigm is quickly shifting. Creation Energy partners with all stakeholders to deliver value to everyone with new distributed clean energy resources. With Creation Energy, you pay less for clean, efficient energy that improves the grid and solves environmental challenges.

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We work collaboratively with a diverse range of partners, from builders and developers to equipment suppliers and utilities, to deliver a fully integrated solution that provides value to everyone with a resilient, clean energy community.

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Home Builders & Developers

We help you provide resilient, clean energy homes to buyers at no additional cost to you or the homeowner and lowers your capital requirements for construction and development.



Your home will never be without power again. With Creation Energy, you and your family’s energy security and resiliency is delivered at a lower cost than you’d pay for energy today, all with clean energy resources.



DERs are an effective solution for grid issues when Creation Energy provides you with the dynamic control you need to make them useful, instead of harmful, to your grid.



Helping you achieve clean energy goals for your community while improving the efficiency, reliability and resiliency of electricity.


What we do

Fully integrated solution for an affordable, resilient, clean energy community working in partnership with the electric grid.

Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy

Energy is complex, but it shouldn't be for you.

Everyone Wins

Everyone Wins

Creation Energy delivers value to all stakeholders

Energy Resiliency

Energy Resiliency

Lights are always on with Creation Energy

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Serving our partners, customers, communities, and the planet


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