Affordable, Resilient, Clean Energy Communities

We work every day to bring positive change in order to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Our partners

Who we work with

We work collaboratively with a diverse range of partners, from builders and developers to equipment suppliers and utilities to deliver a fully integrated solution that provides value to everyone with an affordable, resilient, clean energy community.

Home Developers & Builders

We help you provide affordable, resilient, clean energy homes to buyers at no additional cost to you or the homeowner and lower your capital requirements for construction and devlopment.

Clean Energy Infrastructure for homes is financed by Creation Energy with no lien on property and no risk to you
Creation Energy finances a portion of your existing construction budget per home, lowering your carrying cost of capital
Your new home will never be without power again; provide your buyers with energy security and resiliency from clean energy solutions


Creation Energy finances clean energy infrastructure for your home with no lien on property and no risk to you
Your new home will never be without power again, providing you with energy security and resiliency from clean energy solutions.


A new dispatchable, distributed, aggregated resource for you to use each day for its highest and best use in your resource stack.

These new resources deliver a full suite of wholesale and grid related services, including the following:

Wholesale Services: The aggregated portfolio can be dispatched for all capacity, energy and ancillary services. These resources have an average capacity factor of 20% making them a fully capable resource to offset the need for additional gas peaking power plants in the resource stack.
Power Factor and Phase Balance: Power factor correction for the feeder. Phase balance support for the feeder. Together delivering a potential reduction in technical loses of 40%-60% for the feeder.
System Utilization: By inverting the traditional load shape of the new aggregated resources, we provide the grid power on-peak and consume more power off-peak. This allows all facilities to be operated at higher utilization rates, creating more revenue per dollar of infrastructure installed.
Other Services: These new distributed resources are an effective non-wires alternative to create additional capacity for a feeder or substation rather than a traditional upgrade, providing needed headroom capacity on feeders to serve new electric vehicle (EV) load cost effectively.
These resources also support a wide variety of day-to-day operational requirements such as: peak load management / 4-CP mitigation, bulk renewable balancing to minimize curtailments, post solar peak mitigation, ramping services, first stage UFLS / UVLS and more.


Helping you achieve clean energy goals for your community while improving the efficiency, reliability and resiliency of electricity.
Creation Energy installs fully integrated energy infrastructure for the police/fire/emergency response services for the community to provide them the same energy security and resiliency and lower electric bills each month.
EV-ready communities with community fast charging and home charging built in. Energy Security and resiliency at a lower cost with clean energy for healthier and more vibrant communities.

Our mission is to empower the energy transition.

We empower the electric industry to effectively integrate and utilize new Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).


Frequently Asked Questions​

Answers to common questions about our affordable, resilient, clean energy solutions

Energy Made Easy

Energy is complex, but it shouldn't be for you. Creation Energy deals with the complexity and delivers a fully integrated solution that does not require you to change your daily life or buisness structure.

Everyone Wins

Providers typically focus on trying to deliver value to only one or two stakeholders they understand. Creation Energy delivers value to the Developer, Builder, Homeowner, the electric grid, and the planet with a comprehensive solution that lowers the overall costs and provides benefits to everyone involved.

Energy Resiliency

Our world is changing and electricity outages are becoming more frequent. Creation Energy provides a solution that guarantees that your lights will always be on when you need them, while also helping utilities improve overall grid reliability and resiliency.

Dedicated Professionals

Creation Energy goes beyond the home and supports police, fire, and other critical services in the communities we serve. We operate, monitor and maintain all of the equipment to make it hassle free for you, all with a 30-year warranty. We are committed to our partners, our customers, and communities to help improve our world.