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Simplifying Energy

Our values of innovation and service drive us to deliver solutions that provide a win for everyone and improve the world that we live in by simplifying the complexity of energy.


We empower the energy industry to effectively integrate and utilize Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) by creating affordable, resilient, clean energy communities that work in partnership with the grid.


We envision a future where DERs are an integral part of the grid.

We see the day when utilities recognize that a portion of the overall energy mix will be served by DERs. We see DERs solving century-old problems such as the shape of the load duration curve, power factor and phase balance. We see DERs improving grid utilization from 43% to 60% and reducing technical losses on the grid by 40% to 60%.


We believe that dreaming big allows us to solve big and complex problems. And we know that we cannot do this alone – we believe our partners are vital to our success.

From our inception, we have focused on the goal of enabling developers, builders, utilities, regulators and consumers working together to create affordable, resilient, clean energy communities that benefit everyone.


What We Offer

We are visionaries

We are visionaries

Commited leaders who see what can be, and enjoy taking on the challenges to make that vision a reality.

We are experts

We are experts

We're passionate, and knowledgable people who have devoted our careers to serving the energy industry

We have passion

We have passion

We understand the challenges that our industry faces because we have faced them ourselves.

We are innovators

We are innovators

Fearless pioneers who possess the enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge to be the catalyst for change.

We are creators

We are creators

Tireless achievers willing to give every effort required to create the engines we will build our change on.

We are energizers

We are energizers

Experienced, passionate, and relentless in our pursuit of industry-changing innovation.


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